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meHey there,

I’m Megan McQ. I consider myself to be a social/new media strategist.

My background: My alma mater is James Madison University, where I obtained a B.S. degree in Media Arts and Design, Corporate Communication. My studies allowed for a thorough understanding of new media and how to integrate new media seamlessly into existing communication strategies. My evolving theories of integrated marketing communication/corporate communication/PR/public engagement may be found here.

About the Blog: I think that the social media sphere is moving at such a rapid pace making the ability to keep up with the industry increasingly difficult. The purpose of this blog is to help explain social media and its implications on how companies will do business. Through the use of case studies, best practices and a lot of external articles, I hope to de-mystify and explain social media trends in a straight-forward way.

Other Interests: Apart from remaining fluent in industry trends, laws and best practices, I am passionate about team work, a.k.a. kicking kiester on the volleyball court. I also enjoy all types of music, in particular classical (baroque). Last, I am interested in the US health care industry, particularly in this era. I will probably blog about all of these things in addition to social media. For a list of 25 more things about me, please visit here.

I encourage every reader of this blog to comment on posts and ask questions.

Best Regards,

Megan McQ.


1 Response to "About McQ"

Hi Megan,

Love your blog! I met you at the BNI last Friday. You were just the message from “above” that I needed. I want and need to approach the blog/social media online world. I have dabbled. But I need help! Erich Cabe’s recommendation of you through the BNI is all I need. If you recall, I have LenguaMax Spanish/English language translation and interpreting services and I am a Realtor in the same brokerage as Erich. I do believe my best talent is the language/culture. I have been told often that my Spanish accent is indistinguishable from a native and my years of living in different Latin American countries gives me the cultural sensitivity that is a key component to real cross lingual/cross cultural understanding in the USA. I am certain that I am just not properly known (Do they all say that?) Can we talk sometime? How could I access your service, what would that cost? Etc—yours, Marty Hosking

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